Sessions can be Relaxation, Deep Tissue or Trigger Point. Most of the time we do a combination of the three, based on our client's needs.

30 Minute Session   $25

60 Minute Session   $45

90 Minute Session   $67

120 Minute Session  $90

Pregnancy Massage (90 Minutes)   $67

Hot Stone Massage (90 Minutes)   $82

Hot Stone Massage (120 Minutes) $105

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15 Minute Hot Stone   $20

Hands OR Feet Scrub  Coming soon

Hands & Feet Scrub     Coming soon

Hands OR Feet Paraffin Wax   Coming soon

Hands & Feet Paraffin Wax      Coming soon


Relaxation 60 + Hot Stones          Coming soon

Relaxation 90 + Hot Stones          Coming soon

Relaxation 30 + Foot Treatment  Coming soon

Relaxation 60 + Foot Treatment  Coming soon

Relaxation 90 + Foot Treatment  Coming soon

Total Relaxation                               Coming soon

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